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the s l i c k

Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. ChinK
Location , GA
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Clockwork Hands
Sunday. 10.9.05 5:04 pm
The hands of the clock in my room keep ticking. and i just keep wondering, when everything will end. when will Chris and I end? when will us being so far away from each other end? when will this torment end? when will I be happy again? but as always, my questions are not answered and the clock keeps on ticking. i miss chris so bad and sometimes i just wonder... if he's thinking about me. sometimes i wonder if he really loves me like he says sometimes i wonder if we will last over a year but im always wondering... when will the happiness of being with him... end?

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Wednesday. 6.22.05 5:16 pm
so please wait for me...
s l i c k

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Sunday. 6.19.05 11:41 am
I told him. my stomach had butterflies in it... it was like the butterflies were having seizures in my tummy, but anyway... he said he liked me too! next day, he asked me out!!!!
and yesterday i went over to his house!!!! and awww.... i think i mite love him. ^_^ im so happy...
but this mornin i was crying so hard... cuz after thursday when i move.... i wont ever see him again....
daym. that sucks arse.

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Lovesick (contd.)
Tuesday. 6.14.05 6:35 pm
so GAY. i cant work up the guts to tell this guy i like him...
so what do i do now????
iono its just so weird. i kno you hear this ALL the time... but he's different. he's different than any other guy i've liked. and maybe if i didnt hafta move thered be more... ARGH but your'e rite. i MUST tell him. i kno i do.

btw... im tryin to learn how to skateboar5d and so far i SUCK. hehe

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Monday. 6.13.05 5:34 pm
ummm.... i reallly reallllllllyyyyy like this guy... and im about to move soon. and i dont wanna use the word love cuz were really close friends. hes not like any guy ive ever met before... cuz hes not interested in girls or sex... its kinda weird and i kno for shure hes not gay. lol so iono wut to do.... im gonna miss him so bad when i leave and i cant stop thinkin about him lately... im lovestruck and lovesick. ARGH. so complex. sometimes i just wonder if ill ever ever see him again and if he'll remember me. and if he thinks of me as much as i think of him... blah. i doubt it.

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My Birthday.
Saturday. 6.4.05 1:53 pm
Today is my birthday. 16 w00-w00 finally. ^_^ hope today goes well. and hope the pineapples of hell do not spike and poke em to death. wich kinda already happened cuz my day began with... argh.... chinese school.... ewwww.... but chris kiely is coming over!!! but sherry cant and megan has a stupid rugby game. ARGHH THE PINEAPPLES OF HELL I COMMAND YOU TO STOP DROP AND ROLL FOR ALL ETERNITY!! well peex outz... s l i c k

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